I Am Bald

I shaved my head to benefit St. Baldrick's Foundation on March 16.


The day started off with me painting my hair pink, quickly and sloppily.


Then I realized that once shaven, my scalp would look like a pink Pollack.  No good, so even though Arlo said “Momma, your hair looks WONDERFUL!” I washed and scrubbed all the pink out and then Kris scrubbed what remained.  It killed me to do it but I promised Arlo we’d try it together next Halloween.

Before heading out to St. Baldrick’s I had my first Listen To Your Mother rehearsal, but more on that in a new post.  Let me just say – DAY OF NERVES.


The first thing I felt when entering the Baldrick’s venue was panic – because the lighting was so awful.  But Emily Mueller (Nemmie) from Scott Nems Doots Moose graciously attended and photographed the whole event beautifully, as you’ll see below.  I am so grateful to her.

Friends arrived and excitement started to build.

Bald Bald Bald Bald Bald Bald

There were a few men who would go up to the barber stations now and then and get shaved but there was no real hoopla.  Not knowing what else to do, I got in line for the next chair.  While waiting there was a lot of this:

Bald Bald Bald

When I finally got up front and the barber understood that *I* was the shavee, everything got turned up to eleven.  She said “Oh wait a sec – we have to get a photo of every female shavee.”  And I was like, uh…we have cameras already.  Then, suddenly, a microphone appeared in someone’s hand and a loud “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our FIRST FEMALE SHAVEE!” bellowed out from the previously silent sound system.

Cue crowd, melee, whoops and hollers.

That was fun!  The whole scene suddenly became very festive and I was, as I had been, ready to go bald.


By Emily Mueller (Nemmie)

This is me after spying Farrah Star upset and asking the barber to wait a minute


so I could get her and hold her and make her feel better.  So many friends who love my kids attended, but I was desperate that neither Arlo nor Farrah be scared or upset during the actual shaving so I took her in my lap.


Arlo was in good hands too:

Kelly, Arlo's teacher

Kelly, Arlo’s teacher

Back to the shaving!


By Emily Mueller


By Emily Mueller

Farah looks scared here but she was okay on my lap; I’m sure she’s keyed in to the noise of the buzzer and crowd.  Lots of stim – too much – hence all the thumbsucking.  When it was over I wore her against my chest and all was well.

Here’s Nemmie getting that shot:


By Emily Mueller

By Emily Mueller


As she drops the last strands into my lap.

The last strands drop in m y lap.

When it was done the barber gave me a mirror and I did cry at my reflection but certainly not from sadness; I think it was fulfillment or even transcendence that evoked such emotion.  Whatever it was, it felt pure.


By Emily Mueller

And then it was over!

It felt great and today I feel great – but cold, definitely cold up on top now.  Arlo is nonplussed.  He likes to rub my head and tell me that it’s pokey this way and soft that way.  Right after it happened there was a scary, wide-eyed moment from Farrah so I swooped her off to a dark corner and nursed her and then wore her until we left.  She still knows and loves her momma.

Bald Bald Bald

Thank you so much to everyone who donated and wished me well and especially those of you came to cheer me on.  I’ll never forget those moments and your part in them.

If you would like to donate to St. Baldrick's to help fund childhood cancer research,
please click here.

9 thoughts on “I Am Bald

  1. Lisa, Lisa, thank you for shaving your beautiful head for a wonderful cause. You look fabulous; how could you not with a face like yours :). xoxo,


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