MMM: International Food Fair and Global Village

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

We wouldn’t know about Shorewood Hill PTO’s annual International Food Fair and Global Village if it wasn’t for Arlo’s friend Juliet.  Her big brother Ian goes to Shorewood Elementary School so we decided to get the kids together and check out this event.

These bright and lively life-size figures were all over the gymnasium, including this sassy blonde complete with hashtag and air quotes:


The 80s are back!


Two pink dresses!


We didn’t actually make it in time to eat anything, sadly, but we enjoyed going through the classrooms and visiting different countries.




The continent of Africa:




and China:



Arlo and Juliet waited, intrigued, as their names were thoughtfully drawn in Chinese:

Shorewood Shorewood Shorewood Shorewood

Upon receiving his note, Arlo scrunched up his face and protested, “But that’s not A-R-L-O!”, breaking cultural ties forever.


One of the best parts for me was simply being inside an elementary school, an environment from which I’ve been removed for 35 years but will become reacquainted with in 18 months or so.

Shorewood Shorewood

Warning!  Elementary school is just as adorable and hilarious as preschool!

It was really a fun outing and god knows Arlo and Juliet had a good time.  Thanks to Melissa and Michael, Juliet’s parents, for leading the charge and giving the tour.  Until next year, Shorewood Elementary!


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