Fish Pillow

I am struggling with sleep, with sick and like everyone else in these parts, with snow.  Angry and exhausted after Farrah Star’s for-fucks-sake 35-minute nap today, I took her to Arlo’s room where I made his bed and laid out his jammies while she played quietly on the floor. Ha! Hilarious. I managed to take in my little boy’s bedtime vignette and smile at its whimsy:

Fish PillowFish Pillow

That fish pillow amuses the hell out of me.  I got it from the same place I get all my stuff – Whole Foods Goodwill.  I definitely like it more than Arlo likes it (the same thing can be said about his fish and fish tank coincidentally) and I’m not embarrassed to tell you the fish and I have spooned.  It’s made by a California company called Tree House Kids who boast:

“We aren’t just about trucks and vehicles at Tree House Kids; for over ten years now, we have been the industry leader in giant stuffed fish!”

Industry leader in giant stuffed fish!

That makes me laugh. Out loud. Goddamnit I’m tired.

“Fish pillow” reminds me of “fish pickles” which is what Arlo’s friend Connor calls herring.

Also hilarious, no?

When oh when will she sleep?


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