Real Women

This bums me out.

Real Women

My Sisters, can we stop tearing each other down?  Drink – or do – whatever you want!  Exalt your choice from the ass of your car!  But then leave everyone else out of it.  I drink vinegar and once proclaimed it in a blog post.  I did not disrespect anyone who prefers an alkaline beverage.  I wouldn’t even know how.

Also, “LIVE A LITTLE”?!? Fuck you New Glarus (yeah, I said it).  I don’t take advice from the rear end of anything.

I saw that bumper sticker on a parked car Sunday afternoon.  Monday morning, heading home from errands, I saw it on a different vehicle:

Real Women

I couldn’t believe it.  Bummed me out.  Twice.


2 thoughts on “Real Women

  1. pretty sure what makes a woman “real” is whether or not she identifies as a woman … drink whatever you like! or don’t like, if for some reason that is what you choose to do!


  2. I saw a bumper sticker at my kid’s school car line…it said “I’m speeding because I have to poop.” I wanted to follow that car home and introduce myself. Ha! That is the only bumper sticker I have liked.


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