Farrah Star is the girl you want to hang with.  She is the very definition of delightful.  She loves to chat, will feed you and then probe your mouth with her fingers making sure all your teeth are accounted for.  She will eagerly taste anything you put in front of her and then spit whatever doesn’t suit her palate all over your eyelashes and in your hair, if you had any.  She will give and demand undivided attention and when she gets swept up in the moment, she will totally make out with you.  Yesterday my neighbor called her a “charmsicle”.  My greatest hope is that Farrah will want to hang out with me forever and always.  My second greatest hope is that that period of our relationship begin after a consistent and restorative nap.

Up there is Farrah wide awake at 1:45pm.  All signs are pointing to a sudden and startling shift from a 10:30am “nap” to a 2:00pm “nap”.  A little warning would have helpful but so what, I adjust.  With every change I pray – I mean sob – that there will be actual sleep under this new regime.  Is this the key?  Will an afternoon nap result in something more than 40 minutes?  Again and with feeling, *sob*

At the end of these hollow and monotonous days, I’ve been working on Farrah’s Baby Book, filling it the best-of-the-best photos from her first 12 months and all the notes I took on her charmsicle ways.  Pouring over the beauty of my babe has been a nightly balm for my bleary-eyed boredom, nothing short of a catharsis and reminder that at the end of the day, the week, the month, we not only made it through but our love has become longer, stronger and closer together.


Happy Weekend, Dear Readers. Hope you’re creating and enjoying your own proof of life.





2 thoughts on “Charmsicle

  1. I love having a showcase for all these photos without the expense of framing. lol. I do our family annual photobook as well as preg/birth and 1st year for both kids. A labor of love indeed.


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