Holding Back the Years

And so it begins . . .

Despite being gifted three barrettes upon Farrah Star’s birth, it never occurred to me to use them.
– despite constantly smoothing and sweeping her hair across her forehead and out of her eyes
– despite thinking about cutting her hair everyday

The kids were in our friends’ minivan this weekend and Seth, father of Nida and Nola, found a clip on the floor and swooooped it right into Farrah’s hair and just like that –  the wonderful world of accessories entered her life.  I bought a dozen more from Target this very  morning.

I have no desire to dress up my children – whatever that means.  While still babes-in-arms they are streamlined for efficiency – mine.  Dresses get too bulky in carriers and have to be yanked and pulled around buckles in car seats. Wide-legged pants (and dresses) are dangerous when inching up the stairs.  She can’t climb up the slide in tights.  While I like to think I make unique and charming choices on print and fabric, the rest is all about freedom of moment.  I’ve also never seen a baby keep a barrette in her/his hair, a hat, a scarf, a headband – never  – so I just figured I hold on to those three barrettes until Farrah decided she wanted to wear them.  As much I dress my kids for efficiency, I am also very leery of pushing my style choices on their bodies.  You never have to wear anything you don’t want to in my house (weather permitting).

When Seth clipped in that barrette I held my breath and waited for the tug and subsequent frustrated ripping out.  It never happened.  It still hasn’t happened and she’s worn a barrette every day since.  No more forehead-sweeping, no more strand-smoothing; turns out streamlined can be as precious as a jewel-toned button.


Thanks Steph!


One thought on “Holding Back the Years

  1. Ah! A mother after my own heart! I never put my girls in bows or clips when they were little either. They would pull it out so I never really pursued to keep it in. But Farrah is rockin’ the barrette!! I love that she kept it in! :)


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