Listen To Your Mother When You Drive


I’ll be driving my Listen To Your Mother car to the The Century House to buy my Listen To Your Mother tickets today.  Do you have yours yet?

From the LTYM site:

Please join us on Mother’s Day May 11, 2014 at 3PM at The Barrymore!

Tickets on sale now:

Tickets are $15  on sale at, by phone at 608-241-8633 ($1.50 convenience fee), at all Barrymore outlets as well as Happy Bambino, The Century House gift shop, and Dragonfly Hot Yoga Middleton.

Check out the 5th Anniversary Video made with love by our Co-Producer, Becky Sewell:

Come for the camaraderie, come for the gripping and relatable stories, come for the porn in the Barrymore Theater’s lobby or come to see what dress I’m going to wear because it will probably be a surprise to me as well.  Do I even wear a dress? Ugh. Spanx. And what about my hair?

Weird Face 001

There will be much to observe and enjoy, of that at least I am certain.  Hope to see you there!


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