Scilla and What Follows


The scilla is blanketing our yard and I longed to get some portraits in the azure wonderland.  Nida and Nola came down but none of the kids were interested in sitting still so I grabbed my camera and followed them.  Adapt, adapt, adapt.


I don’t know what I’d do without my camera.  It’s so easy to get mired down in the daily humdrum that I want to remember this particular day for what it was – gleeful.  And in the true spirit of letting go, Nida and Arlo found a way to the scilla on their own terms and I managed to get those shots after all.

Scilla Scilla Scilla Scilla Scilla

I recently completed Farrah Star’s Baby Book, just one of the ways I use all these photos.  I populated it with notes I had taken over the course of her first year, bits and quips on her growth and behaviors.  The book is addressed to her so I also filled it with terms of adoration; “My Darling”, “My Sweet Tomato” and more, because that is how I feel about her, that is what she is to me everyday and this book is testimony.  I know that in my daily grind I fail her and everyone around me, but after the scilla fades and drops to the ground, these images and words speak my truth: adoration everlasting.


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