Whole Wheat Wonderland

This is one I keep in my pocket for rainy days so Arlo’s been doing this EVERY day.  We have a big, beautiful sandbox for digging and steamrolling but it lives outside.  You remember outside, right?  We went there once back in August, 2013.

Whole Wheat

Tomorrow we’ll move to Vietnam and dig in rice.  India/lentils.  Vermont/quinoa.

Whole Wheat

Arlo loves playing like this and I love it too because it is the only thing at which he plays independently.  I know children who color, bead necklaces, build block parking structures, etc. but Arlo prefers company in his play almost exclusively.  I do not enjoy child’s play.  (Now that is a statement that speaks volumes.)  I have never liked kicking around a ball or playing hide-n-seek or racing matchbox cars.  I thought my feelings would change after having my own kids but they did not.  Kris is the player parent.  I prefer to be the parent inside the house waiting with a soft-bellied hug and a bandaid.  I don’t skirt all play; I get my hands plenty dirty just by being a stay-at-home parent, volume and all.  I also don’t want my kids to think all I ever do is take photographs of them playing.  I want them to feel and see me engaged.  I just want the play to be very brief and of my choosing.  Mothering!

Whole Wheat

What was particularly great about this play session was that after he finished digging he washed all his vehicles in *his* sink.  I was preparing the kitchen sink when he insisted he do it by himself in the half bathroom.  He took tender care in cleaning them, making sure their lights still worked and he even placed a towel down, gently laying his precious vehicles next to the heater to dry, just like his rain boots.

Whole Wheat Whole Wheat

It was such a happy and mutually satisfying play experience I nearly forgot about all that rain.  Almost.

Have a great weekend dancing in those puddles or however you choose to play.  See you Monday!


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