I Am Bald No More

On March 16, I shaved my head to benefit St. Baldrick's Foundation.


I feel like I was bald for one minute.  Amazing how quickly hair appears to grow when starting from nothing. *insert meaningful life lesson here*   Things were ragged all over my head and with Listen To Your Mother on Sunday, I needed some polish. Six weeks ago I was bald. Last night I got a haircut. Crazy.


Bald Bald Bald


Bald Bald Bald

Ears and neck tidied and I am feeling stage-ready.  All praise to my stylist Gen who knew just what to do with so very little.  It helps that she is a volunteer barber for St. Baldrick’s.  (Go Gen!)  We had not seen each other since before Thanksgiving (she volunteered at a different location) so it was great to catch up and talk about going bald.  I also got to share that I raised the most donations of anyone at the event, all thanks to you who gave so generously.  Thank you again, you did it and I am so grateful.

Speaking of Sunday and Listen to Your Mother, I bought my tickets at The Century House and hope you’ve done the same, Madison Friends!  When at that gorgeous store (and LTYM sponsor), I couldn’t pass up this pendant and necklace:

Drill BIt

That is exactly what it looks like – a drill bit.  Kickass, right?  Now Arlo wants one, natch.

Hooray for local businesses and the artisans they support!  If you’re looking for a unique gift for Mother’s Day, you’ll find it at The Century House.

If you would like to donate to St. Baldrick's to help fund childhood cancer research,
please click here.

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