MMM: Holy Wisdom Monastery

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

My friend Michael turned me on to the trails at the Holy Wisdom Monastery and on one of the chilliest and rainiest days last week, Farrah Star and I went for a walk there.


Your making-the-best-of-it Madison Explorers

Oh my, the weather was highly unpleasant but the environs were serene as hell.







Disappointingly, every form of life knew better than be outside except for us.  There wasn’t a wild turkey or chipmunk to be found let alone a crane or goose at the pond.  There were traces of wildlife but that’s about all I saw.



When we stumbled up this really small but dense forest I got my camera ready to capture Bambi munching on some wildflowers.  The whole scene was perfect Disney but again, void.

Monastery Monastery

Pretty though and certainly peaceful, so appropriate for monastery grounds, and the trip afforded me another opportunity to hone my landscape photography skills.


We’ll be back for more peace and quiet when the weather holds.  Until then, stay dry or at least dress appropriately (note to self).


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