Motley Fool In Love

Kris and I were married in August, 2006.


We also celebrate May 12, 2001 as the anniversary of The Night It All Began.


In addition to whatever else we do, we always enjoy these days with a glass of bubbly and a trip down memory lane via our wedding and honeymoon albums.  It just so happens that for the past four years that’s all we’ve managed to do, but never mind that, it’s still a nice way to celebrate.


Prior to having kids – prior to trying to have kids – something we also did together was manage our finances.  We both subscribed to Motley Fool and would come together to talk about stocks and other investments worth considering.  I married at 36 so spent many years managing my own investments and I feel I contributed equally to these financial discussions.  Then baby-making came into our lives and every ounce of brain power I had went into managing my fertility.  Then I quit my job.  Then we moved to Bermuda.  Then things got serious and highly complicated on the financial front.  Not only did we become landlords and expats, but Kris evolved from investing in stocks and index funds to option trading with calls and puts while I … had no idea what he was talking about anymore.  Arlo was born and I had neither the energy nor capacity for learning when there was all that tv to watch.  I simply could not keep up.  Suddenly I was 100% financially dependent.  But I am woman!  Hear me … whoah.  I was now in the dark and I was scared.  I needed to quell my fears without taxing my brain and that’s when I came up with the perfect plan – marry our financial status to our anniversaries.

Now twice a year after waxing nostalgic over our beautiful wedding, we close the photo albums and open the laptop.  In it there is a spreadsheet that sums up our family’s finances.  A spreadsheet in format is perhaps outdated, but it is for my information only and requires no live links to online accounts, nor does it betray any security details.  It is a simple summary.  Kris dictates and explains the changes since our last anniversary and I do all the typing because I’m the girl so it has more meaning to me.  Not very romantic you say?  Pshaw.  Calculating and congratulating Kris’s success feels good.  Security feels good.  Knowledge is power and power is an aphrodisiac.  I’ll say no more.

This system works well for us as partners which is why I wanted to share it with you and encourage you and yours to do the same.  Twice a year.  That’s all it takes.  Kris and I have fallen – surprisingly – into traditional roles; he manages every aspect of our finances and he is excellent in this domain.  I shoulder our home’s work because that is where I excel, but that doesn’t mean we are ignorant of each other’s dominion.  Nay.  Foolish indeed if we were.

I still think about stocks from time to time.  Here are a couple of tips for you:

Invest in Jose Cuervo (or whatever) because tequila is fighting off disease.

Invest in Blue Diamond Almonds because the bees are dying:

“If the death toll continues at the present rate, that means there will soon be barely enough bees to pollinate almonds, let alone avocadoes, blueberries, pears or plums.”

You read it here first.


4 thoughts on “Motley Fool In Love

  1. That is a GREAT plan! I have gone the opposite direction in my marriage–totally separate finances. My late husband was a finance professor. He had been investing since he was 9 and looooved options and futures and all that shit that scared me to death. He left me a nice nest egg and I have it safely tucked away and growing. It’s my business–not anyone else’s, even my baby daddy! I have a friend who is currently in the throes of financial destruction because she handed the accounts to her husband and never looked at it again. Until the foreclosure. Yikes.


    • And this is the problem right? The un-romantic side of it – you don’t want to be “that” woman. I know too many stories of being barefoot in the kitchen while being swindled on the side.


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