The Best Things I Saw All Week

My friend’s response to my complaining about Farrah’s sleep:

Best Thing

My in-laws gifted Arlo and Farrah Star some cash recently and with it I shopped online for pajamas.  I thought Amazon’s options were too spendy so I went over to Zappos and saw this:

Best Thing

And now I am blind.

What are you supposed to do after your wife leaves and take the two dogs (cats?) with her?  Buy a new car?  No.  Just peel off and move on.

Best Thing

Seen at the Lakeshore Nature Preserve:

Best Thing


This jaunty little number was ahead of me this morning.  At the next red light I got out of my car, left it running with my baby inside and took this picture because HOW COOL IS THAT?

Best Thing

I asked for the shot, she said yes, I took it and yelled “I love Madison!”  She yelled “So do I!” and then I dashed back to the car.

The Elf, Organic Transit

Standard options:

  • $5495 for the base model
  • Color Whit
  • Enclosed cargo compartment with a locking lid reinforced CON-Pearl™ decklid
  • Reinforced  CON-Pearl™  Bulkhead & Decklid
  • Continental Town & Country tires on the front
  • Kenda Kiniption rear tire
  • 3-speed internally geared hub
  • 100W solar panel
  • 11.25 Ah 48V Li  NMC German battery using Samsung cells
  • 5 amp battery charger
  • AVID mechanical disc brakes on the front wheels and a locking caliper brake on the rear
  • LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signals
  • Race Face Ride cranks

Have a great weekend!


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