MMM: Indian Lake Park

Mostly Madison Mondays* – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin
*The days between arctic tundra and hostile mosquito takeover are fleeting.
MMM will span all days of the week while spring remains.*

On the day I was sure Farrah wouldn’t nap until 1pm, she and I ventured to Cross Plains to visit Indian Lake Park.  We left immediately after dropping Arlo at school and by 9:00am we had reached our destination with Farrah Star fast asleep and me utterly bewildered and certainly annoyed.  Then the most unusual thing happened – I gained perspective.  Farrah is not a sleeper.  I just had to wait her out and explore the area by car.  I would have to let go of everything that I could be accomplishing at home and just relax.  It was very uncomfortable but also beautiful.


I watched an otter cross the road (I WATCHED AN OTTER CROSS THE ROAD) so knowing water was nearby I pulled into this path to see what I could see.


It was highly overgrown and I grew concerned about my sporty little Elantra managing what was clearly intended for trucks and tractors.  When I saw what I believe are hunting stations (?) I knew I should turn around.

Indian Indian

This moment of chasing down an otter with no one knowing where I was, alone with my baby in gun-friendly Dane County backwoods, suddenly seemed reckless.  I drove up the hill hoping for space to turn around and at the peak my tires slid.  I did not panic because I totally believed I could push -nay LIFT – my car if we were in actual danger.  As it turns out, my tires were slipping on a dew-covered dandelion patch and I thought “Oh my, how dainty.  LEAVE THIS PLACE NOW.”


It was at this moment Farrah woke, true to her telltale 45-minute-ness.

Indian Lake

One more stop before heading back to Indian Lake Park and finally getting done what I intended to do.


Yes.  You knew it was coming.  Birds.  Or bird.  We had a nice long walk in this gorgeous park on this gorgeous day all the while stalking this great blue heron.

Indian Lake Indian Lake

He was content to hang out and snatch up some fish – some fish were flipping out of the water – what is that?  I haven’t seen that since Bermuda and there it happens in schools.  Anyway, he was something to watch and wonder over as he flew from shore to shore.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Indian Indian Indian

We will definitely return to this park again as we walked only on the water side and there were are least four marked trails we didn’t explore.  Another lovely spot to enjoy on the outskirts of Madison, just make sure you get your timing right.

Indian Lake

Indian Lake

Until next time Dear Readers! Your Madison Explorers


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