MMM: Priscilla’s Pond

Mostly Madison Mondays* – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin
*The days between arctic tundra and hostile mosquito takeover are fleeting.
MMM will span more days of the week while spring remains.*

I took some alone time this weekend and found myself close to Verona, a small city off the west side of Madison.  I don’t know Verona well but no matter because Siri knows everything:


Everything in Verona is new.  It is filled with sterile subdivisions and there’s a man-made feel to every square mile and green acre.  It’s not my style for vagabonding but I was there and the freedom clock was tick-tocking.  I settled on Veterans Park for the simple fact it had this body of water close by that wasn’t actually in the park:


I started walking in that direction and quickly ascertained there was no way to get to this pond without trespassing.  I am a determined birdwatcher but a rigid rule-follower.  There was a woman gardening in her backyard so I got her attention.   She noticed my camera and graciously invited me on to her property.  She said “Oh!  You’re doing what I always wanted to do!” and led me down to the pond.  She warned me of muskrats then asked my name.  When I replied “Lisa” she smiled very wide and said, “Oh, that’s my daughter’s name!”  She introduced herself as Priscilla and told me if the other neighbor says anything I should tell her “‘I’m Priscilla’s friend.’ Because you are!  You are my new best friend!” and I was touched by her charity.  She also made me appreciate how far and wide is the reach of motherhood.  Every Farrah or Arlo I’ll meet in my lifetime will generate that same charitable spark in me I’m sure.

Perched at the pond (Neff Pond) I see that it is indeed untouched.  There is no trail ending, no benches and nobody.  I sit in the reeds and wait.

Pond Pond

And I wait.  And it gets real hot.  There go two red-winged blackbirds.  There’s a bug.  There’s a breeze.  There is nothing else.  I’m shocked – if I was a heron or an otter I would call Neff Pond paradise but no one wanted to come out and pose.  I packed up, said farewell to Priscilla and continued walking through the cul-de-sac which ended nicely:


Pond Pond Pond

A small trail followed next to a creek for a while, all fine and well but time waits for no woman when she’s away from her kids.

“Momma?  I love you. Where are you?”

Far and wide is the reach of motherhood.






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