MMM: Northwoods

Mostly Madison Mondays* – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin
*The days between arctic tundra and hostile mosquito takeover are fleeting.
MMM will span all days of the week while spring remains.*

We went on holiday last week to a friend’s cabin in Rhinelander, up yonder, up north.  We were warned there’d be no internet and there wasn’t.  I don’t consider being off the grid a hardship but neither did I find it a relief.  I love my social media tribe and this blog.  In short, I missed you.

Rhinelander is three hours north of Madison in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  I anticipated lots of trail walks and bird-watching and we started out nicely in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.




We did a two-mile walk then headed to lunch at Eagle River’s Soda Pops and toured around town a bit.




We tried to go on another trail walk but the mosquitos were relentless.  And therein lies the theme of our time in Oneida County: bzzzzzzz.  We never took another walk outdoors.


Walking 15 feet from the car to the cabin door was a military orchestration.  I wore cropped pants one day and got eight bites in those 15 feet.  We’d step inside and then the massacre would begin on the ones that followed us across the threshold.  Arlo loved this daily warfare and kept asking “will it suck my blood?” when spying any bug anywhere.  I have never experienced such an insect sovereignty and I lived in Bermuda for 3 and 1/2 years.  If it wasn’t so inconvenient to our vacation plans I would have marveled at their total domination of the landscape.

Here we are then, enjoying the indoors:

Rhinelander Rhinelander Rhinelander Rhinelander

The cabin was sweet, sweet, sweet.  Lots of sunlight shining through, the soothing sounds of whispering pines overhead and for the first time ever Arlo and Farrah shared a room – a woodsy loft – and the sight of them not sleeping in the same space made my head ache and my heart full.  Parenthood.

We were in the Northwoods to explore however, so we needed a new plan on getting outdoors.  Kris thought being on the water would save us from the swarms so we decided to rent a pontoon in Minocqua.  We drove up there, had breakfast at the awesome Great Northern Coffee House and at the boat rental shop were promptly told that thunderstorms were expected and no boats were going out that day.

Stymied, we attempted a walk across the nearby trestle to regroup and to just simply do something.



Along with a billion new baby mosquitos and mayflies, a plan was hatched that late morning, one that would improve our circumstances handsomely.

Until my next installment of our northern adventure (tomorrow!  yay internet!) thank you for reading and



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