MMM: Minocqua

Mostly Madison Mondays* – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin
*The days between arctic tundra and hostile mosquito takeover are fleeting.
MMM will span all days of the week while spring remains.*

Our Northwoods Vacation continues!  Leaving Bayfiield was difficult but we were going forward with our Minocqua pontoon rental plan and the weather promised fruition.  Like our Apostle Islands tour, I was leary of spending all day on a boat but agreed it would the best way to enjoy the outdoors.  We loaded up and boarded a nice 22′ footer with a solid shade structure.  We were out from 10-4pm touring this area:

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 1.10.09 PM

From a parenting perspective, it was again far too long a day in far too small and exposed a space with such young kids.  Arlo for the most part was fine as we brought books and he got to drive (shhhh!) but Farrah Star, my highly attached tomato, was in paradise: Momma within 22 feet all day long.  There didn’t seem to be a moment she wasn’t on me in some position.  Between that, the sun, the wind – the accumulative and relentless assault on my person – I was short-tempered and impatient and my words reflected it.  Then feeling like a shitty mother but with no way out, I dropped my shoulders and just sobbed.  Just sat in the shaded corner and sobbed, Farrah’s darling face quizzically staring up at me from between my knees.  What can you do?  Even vacations are not all wine and roses but you press on, and I’ve said it here before – I’m so grateful to have my camera because difficult days and phases pass and what I will remember from this trip is the beauty.

Minocqua Minocqua Minocqua

With the help of my husband’s keen eye and steady throttle, I even go to spy some wildlife on the shores and that made me happy.

Minocqua Minocqua Minocqua


All types of wildlife:

Minocqua Minocqua

With our Northwoods and Bayfield holiday behind us, I’m so grateful to Melissa and Michael who lent us their Rhinelander cabin and who really made this whole trip possible.  Wisconsin is truly beautiful but our friends make it home.

Until next time Dear Readers!

Your Wisconsin Explorers

Your Wisconsin Explorers


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