Star of Wonder

The overstuffed, over-clawed brown chair is filled with us two while the air is filled with barks and chirps and mid-day lawn mowing.  Your baby-powdered bottom rests on my thigh while your body lounges in the hook of my arm.  I open “My Heart Is Like a Zoo” and you lean your head against my shoulder and give a little giggle before your thumb pops in.  I close my eyes and linger over the smell of your hair because I already know all the words.  “Happy as a herd of hippos drinking apple juice.”  You eh eh eh for another book so I pick up “All in a Day” and we fall into each other once again.  Books read, you exchange your thumb for my nipple.  I sing “We Three Kings” because after such a long winter I already know all those words too. It is a song about a powerful star so I keep singing it.  You fall asleep and I place you in your crib.

You stay asleep for two hours.

Oh my sweet sleeping Farrah Star, you are a wonder.

How about tomorrow, same place, same time?

Star of Wonder


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