Where I Lived Wednesday: Treat Street


We had two cats when we lived in the Mission District of San Francisco and then we added ants – so many ants that the inside of the cats’ food dish looked like it was constantly vibrating.  I called my landlord and before I could even request pesticide or a blowtorch he said “Well you know, sometimes nature gets in.”  Fucking hippie.  Puff, puff, give.  Of course he was right – I say now, halfway across the country and ten years later – for the backyard was truly a natural wonderland.

The fully mature meyer lemon tree:

Lemon Tree

The lilacs over the hot tub:

View of Deck

The koi pond and the palm:

Koi Pond

The fig tree and what, is that a giant rosebush?  I don’t know, but so beautiful:Fig and Flowers

California bounty right off the back patio of our Edwardian flat.  There were also tomatillos – so many tomatillos they rivaled the ants.  And how did I make the most of our Treat Street wonderland?


Puff, puff, give.  Fucking asshole.


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