White Quiet | Baddest Mother Ever

When 2013 became 2014 I committed to putting myself out there, creatively speaking, and I’ve met all my goals but one; being chosen as one of BlogHer’s Voice and/or Photos of the Year.  BlogHer is a social publisher, reaching an audience of 100 million across premium blogs, web sites, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. With that level of outreach, I will not be deterred and next year will submit, submit, submit again!  It gives me great pleasure this year – this day – to introduce you Ashley at Baddest Mother Ever who is a 2014 BlogHer Voice of the Year.  (I feel like such a groupie and I’m cool with that.)

Ashley has her way with words but I most enjoy her perspective in the quietest of moments:

“One snowflake drifts down onto my cheek and I’m sure it’s a hello.”

This singular sentence from “White Quiet” is the slowest and softest invitation I ever received and I in turn extend it to you.  I hope you enjoy Baddest Mother Ever and are inspired to put yourself there this year and always.  Congratulations again Ashley!

via White Quiet | Baddest Mother Ever.


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