MMM: St. Mary of the Oaks

Mostly Madison Mondays* – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin
*The days between arctic tundra and hostile mosquito takeover are fleeting.
MMM will span all days of the week while spring remains.*

I returned to Indian Lake Park this weekend with the whole family on board.  It was a gorgeous day so we also brought a picnic lunch for post-exploration.

This park, 20 minutes outside of Madison, really has it all: trails both steep and flat, vistas, waterfront and wildlife.  And way up high in the hills, it even has a wee chapel.

St. Mary's

“The structure was built in 1857 by John Endres in fulfillment of a  religious vow he made in return for protecting the lives of his family during a  diptheria epidemic. Aided by his son Peter, Endres hauled several tons of stone to the hilltop by an ox team. The building had been much venerated by local families for several generations. Family names identified with care of the chapel are Endres, Ballweg, and Marx. The chapel was formally dedicated by Archbishop Messmer in 1926.” – Here Is The Church

St. Mary's

It’s the tiniest thing you ever did see and as peaceful as the walk through its natural setting.

Madison and her neighbors never disappoint.

Happy Monday out there, hope you too enjoyed a moment of serenity this past weekend.

Your mini-Madison Explorers

Your mini-Madison Explorers


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