Flight or Fight

Farrah Star and I just returned from the doctor’s office.  Our doctor is not a pediatrician but he has the good sense to place a few toys and books in his waiting room because he cares about the comfort of all his patients.

Our whole family just returned from a 4-day holiday.  None of the airports had the good sense to place a few toys or books in THEIR ENTIRE FACILITY. _MG_9746

It is hard flying with young children.  Blah, blah, blah.  If you’re ever in the mood to be reviled and reproached, fly with small children.  In addition to just good old-fashioned parenting, you must also fully entertain your kids because the airport, the airplane and virtually every aspect of the travel experience ignores small children.

Why do I care?  Because I’m a parent who travels with small children?  No, it’s because like every other passenger, my children paid full price for their tickets and consumers have rights.  Unlike every other passenger however, children don’t have a voice.

Sports bars, CNN on jumbo tv screens, manicure salons, shopping, shopping, shopping – enough – INSTALL A PLAY AREA already and do it in every terminal in every airport.  Do it because your silent customers demand it.  See them blocking the walking sidewalk?  Knocking over your adult customers’ bags and personal pan pizzas?  That’s them demanding a play area.  That’s what it looks like.


We were delayed for bad weather on our return and my kids were waiting out this delay by expending very age-appropriate energy.  Unfortunately, they had to do it at the feet and wheels of 100 fellow pissed-off passengers.  I see you.  Yeah.  I see your stink-eye.  Gotcha.  Got it.  Why can’t ticket-holding children (or ALL children) also have a safe and engaging space in which to wait out a delay?  Or god forbid a dark and cushioned mat for those who need to sleep?


“Over 278 million passengers flew in and out of ATL, DEN, JFK, CLT and MIA combined in 2012. Yet these airports have not provided any nurseries or kid play areas for their young passengers – seems like a major oversight.” – Travelnerd

Travelnerd, you have more tact than I (and consequently many, many more blog hits).

It’s time to change the way we treat traveling children, for everyone’s sake.


3 thoughts on “Flight or Fight

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  2. I agree with you. Although I think you answered your question with “Sports bars, CNN on jumbo tv screens, manicure salons, shopping, shopping, shopping”. Kiddie play area would take space away from making money. But I totally agree! We’re a captive audience – make it a little more comfortable!


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