MMM: South Hill Drive, 8:49pm

Mostly Madison Mondays* – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin
*The days between arctic tundra and hostile mosquito take over are fleeting.
MMM will span all days of the week while spring remains.*

Kris came home with dinner from Imperial Garden (If you make Sesame Chicken, why can’t you make Sesame Tofu?  Please consider and get back to me.) and glancing up from my laptop I looked right past him and gasped.  I grabbed my camera and umbrella, ran outside and did what I could.

Tornado warnings bring out the best in the sky until an actual tornado manifests.

Shot with my Canon 7D, no filters or editing but with the wrong lens.  I knew I should have grabbed my 50mm (1.8) but the 28-135mm (4.5) was already on and I just flew out the door without switching.  Now I’ll never know what could-have-been on this blood orange night.  For what it’s worth, here’s my favorite:

South Hill Drive

Stay safe our there fellow Dane County residents.  I, for one, have decided to put the air mattress in our utility room/shelter.  No need to suffer since we’re spending so much time in there lately.


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