MMM: Driftless Area

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from and around my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

Our time in Madison is melting away and the urge to go/see/do is stronger than ever.  Dubuque, Iowa is a mere 90 minutes away from Madison and so we seized the day to see the Mississippi River.

<This is where I would insert a picture of the Mississippi River if I took one.>

Nothing against the Mighty Mississipp, I just did not find it very picturesque on that day in that weather at that angle, etc.  This troop of turtles being sworn in however caught my attention:


Dubuque Dubuque

Ambassadors found through the National Mississippi River Museum, these turtle-extras were awaiting their next assignment in an abandoned hallway.  The museum itself was impressive; it has it all in terms of hands-on exhibits, aquariums, outdoor play and educational areas.  We even toured an enormous dredging paddle-boat.  We left the museum, fought got lunch and walked around and up, up, up getting Farrah Star to nap, finally managing the 4th Street Funicular.


It was a sweet break-up to the day before heading back to the museum.


Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque

In the end I don’t know what I’ll take away from Dubuque, a place I am likely never to visit again (no offense, just moving to Montreal soon).  From the car ride there to literally the moment we pulled back in to our garage, Farrah Star was struggling.  Screaming.  Then Arlo would scream “TOO LOUD!” in reply, naturally.



A moment of relief for her is a moment savored by me.

It is perhaps a teething issue but with unlimited access to the breast, it’s unlikely.  I gave Farrah everything I could think of and she protested it all with ear-piercing shrieks and tear-streaming cheeks.  It was not a good day to be away from home.  Or maybe it was.  It was just not a good day.  I myself never cried so many times in so many public places, my head throbbing in solidarity.  Kris tried what he could but I am her Momma and there will be no substitute.  Kris would then go off with Arlo laughing and giggling as I stayed with my restless baby, wondering what to do next.

Dubuque is part of the Driftless Area.  “Adrift in the Driftless Area.”  That is what I’ll remember of Dubuque, no river required.


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