Becoming Montreal: The Scene of Our Last Wedding


From Madison to Montreal, how did this happen?

In 2005 Kris and I left San Francisco for the more concrete pastures of New York.  We got engaged in Central Park during the Blizzard of ’06 and decided to get married right away.

We had no roots in New York (as a couple, anyway) so it didn’t feel meaningful to wed there – plus, you know – CHA CHING.  All our friends were in San Francisco but it felt awkward and somber even to return to the old to start something new.  Kris’s family lives in New Jersey so we needed to strongly consider someplace east.  Someplace east …

I don’t know which of us thought of Montreal but it was an inspired idea.  It was close enough for our family to travel, interesting enough to lure our west coast friends, it had meaning to us as a couple from our previous visit, and practically speaking, the exchange rate was in our favor.  We took a quick scouting trip and the rest was history.

We were married at Hotel St. Paul in Old Montreal on August 27, 2006.  All photos are by Monique Dykstra of Studio Iris.  Monique did a wonderful job for us especially given the unexpected construction outside the hotel and the torrential downpour throughout the day’s event.

Wedding WeddingWedding

Because of the rain she shepherded us off to an indoor mall for pre-wedding photos.  All the stores were closed (we were married on a Sunday) so the location was entirely ours.


Everything was held on an upstairs floor at the hotel; the ceremony in a conference room, wine and apps in a large foyer and then dinner and dancing in the reception area.


Wedding Wedding


Much merriment was then applied!

Wedding Wedding WeddingWedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding

We didn’t forget our San Francisco and New York roots however, offering a small homage in the form of cake toppers – on a “cheese” cake because Kris prefers cheese to dessert and dessert was already part of our St. Paul menu.  Marriage!


What amazing friends and family we have who would travel so far to celebrate our union.  Meg had to get a passport!  Matt and Karla came all the way from San Francisco with 2 yr-old Luca and 5 month-old Isa which was appreciated then, but now that I’m a parent the gesture simply blows me away.  My in-laws made the ten-hour drive!  People came and it was awesome.

Montreal was the jewel in our wedding bands and forever solidified our love for that city.  I just assumed it would remain a long distance affair.  Six years later another wedding would call us back and we’d answer with our 18-month-old in tow, on Canada Day no less.

More on Becoming Montreal soon …


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