MMM: Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my soon-to-be home of Montreal.

Let me just get this out of my system:

 GraffitiGraffiti Graffitigraffitigraffitigraffitigraffitigraffitigraffitigraffiti

Montreal street art is my new Madison bird-watching and I don’t even live there yet.  I cannot focus on anything else when ambling through Montreal’s city streets and alleyways.  It’s just so cool.  Fearful of becoming a one-trick pony, I did something this week that I haven’t done in years – I went outside at night.  I wanted to practice shooting in the dark as well as seek new inspiration.  One of those things happened:

graffiti graffiti graffiti graffiti graffiti

I did manage to point my camera in a different direction before calling it a night.


Get nice.

Here are a few more street scenes that do not involve aerosol paint.  Everything was shot with my Canon 7D and in the Plateau of Montreal, the neighborhood which hosts our new apartment, preschool and at least the next two years of our lives.


Farrah on the rooftop terrace of our new apartment.


The Most Photogenic Bathtub In The World.


Not Today


Alley Cat




Mdme Fancy


Open Container

I hope you enjoyed my latest from Montreal, thank you for letting me share.  If you are a new follower to BPS, welcome and thank you.  I feel my cloak of invisibility fading.  Until next time …


Your Montreal Explorers (Photo by Arlo)


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