I Will Not Go Willingly Into The Nap

This is what our week looks like when we actually remember to write things down:


I would like to point out that neither my husband nor I have a job right now, only the job of moving from Madison to Montreal.  And yes, I have a UTI that started on Monday.  Thanks Universe.

We move in two weeks.  I do not have time for this:


Farrah Star would not nap on her own today.

The third appraiser will be here any minute.

I’m waiting on a important call from the moving company who will detail the transport of our cats.  I cannot miss this call.  We are 14 days from a trip we committed to months ago which means we’ve got to buy tickets TODAY.  But we can’t buy tickets until the cats’  travel is secure.

“The cats’ travel.”  Good god.

Also, the transport lady told everyone we’re moving to Toronto instead of Montreal so more phone calls.

I’m drowning in the details.

My husband is getting his haircut and going to the dentist so he can’t handle any of this.  He’s also spent the morning shopping new insurance so he’d probably prefer a root canal to spending another minute on the phone.

We are hosting a moving sale tomorrow at 8am.  That requires a bit of attention.

My friends, Sue and Katie and their boys tried to Facetime me – together!  Like, that never happens!  What a great surprise!  But

Farrah Star would not nap on her own today.

Napping has been consistent for a while now.  It’s been glorious.  It softens me as a mother and I like that feeling.  I would like that feeling to continue but

Farrah Star would not nap on her own today.

I had to do it.  I didn’t want to but I could not ignore her pleas, the desperate and tear-streaked pleas of a now 16-month-old.  I did not go willingly into the nap – oh no, I was kind of an asshole about it really – but I did it.  It is, after all, a familiar position.

Photo on 5-6-13 at 11.04 AMPhoto on 5-8-13 at 1.42 PM #3

And as she pressed into me, calmed and lulled by her favorite place, I softened as a mother.  I like that feeling.  Today was a reminder that there is no higher priority than the comfort and happiness of my children and I am the one priveleged to provide it.

Looks like the cats will be hitchhiking to Montreal.


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