MMM: Plastic Coyote Figure From World’s Smallest Carousel Ride Sniffs Dirty Diaper

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from and around my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

I have no idea what possessed me to make dinner, pack it up and have a family picnic in the middle of last week.  I am not myself these days.

An even number of shovels and buckets in the car, we headed out to the beach at Governor Nelson State Park.  Neither the shovels nor buckets were used.


When first approaching the shore, there appeared to be a bloated pig carcass with an arrow through its abdomen.  Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a plastic coyote figure from the world’s smallest carousel ride, sniffing a dirty diaper.


I couldn’t make this up.

There were two more on the beach which we inspected with great curiosity.

Governor Governor

Perplexed but hungry, we made our way back to our blanket, enjoying the breeze and the view.  It was there we discovered the sign telling us the coyotes were decoys placed along the shoreline to scare off geese, keeping the beach free of waterfowl scat.  Also we were asked to please not touch them.  Whoops.

It’s a real thing, these decoys, but you probably knew that.  You can get them on Amazon for $31.  Dirty diaper not included.

The More You Know!

And here’s more from our evening.  Hope you enjoy.


I should have chased this stranger down. I bet she would have liked a copy of this photo.




A happy accident


Stay golden PonyBoy.


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