The Sleepy Owl

Arlo’s teachers are now introducing all pages when reading a book; the dedication, the job of illustrator and author and possibly even publisher.  I reinforce this at home and shared with Arlo that eleven years ago today, Mimmi gave The Sleepy Owl to her grandsons and Arlo’s cousins, Ryan and Shayan, and now that book belongs to him (and Farrah Star)!


The Sleepy Owl is a story of Owl and Tom, two friends who long to play with one another but can’t because they live in different worlds: night and day.  They try to meet but the sun hurts Owl’s eyes and Tom is busy sleeping in the middle of the night.


Tom paints a kite to let Owl know he’s thinking of him.


Owl sees the kite as he returns home to sleep for the day and as Owl and the story concludes, “He is still my friend, even though we can’t play together.”

Mimmi hasn’t seen Arlo or Farrah Star since last October, Farrah’s Annaprashan.  She won’t see them again until next spring.  This is devastating for any grandparent but especially for Mimmi who comes from a culture where multiple generations live in the same house or at least in the same neighborhood.  This was true of Ryan and Shayan’s childhood but it is not with Arlo and Farrah.  Bermuda was the closest we ever lived to Mimmi’s New Jersey home.  Last October is a lifetime ago; next spring unfathomable in the changes and developments of 5- and 2-year-old.  It is sad to watch this gap widen – to be a party of it even – as a mother myself now I can’t believe we are so far apart for so long.  I wish we could play together.

I know the sun hurts your eyes Mimmi, and that is why I painted this kite for you.  I will keep painting for as long as you fly overhead, thinking of your faraway friends.

We love and miss you, night and day.


2 thoughts on “The Sleepy Owl

  1. Your description of this touching little story book made me go immediately seek it out on Amazon. Can’t wait to share it with my 5 year old and my new baby who will be born in a few months. It works for so many scenarios – being separated from friends or family by distance, or even when there is a death in the family. I think my little ones will love it. We are fortunate to have most of our children’s grandparents nearby (except for one grandpa who lives out of state but tries to visit a couple of times a year), but our oldest was also close to her great-grandmother who passed away a few years ago. Even though she is so young, she still remembers her and talks to her, and I think this book will be a nice way for her to think about her Gigi.


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