Becoming Montreal: The Scene of Our Friends’ Wedding


From Madison to Montreal; how did this happen?

After our lovely 2006 wedding, I expected that one day we’d return to Montreal for an anniversary celebration.  I looked forward to such an occasion, vaguely, and packed away my loonies and toonies.  Five years later, the only two people we know in Montreal, Erica and Sebastien, announced their engagement and then invited us to their wedding in July of 2011.


Another happy reason to return to Montreal.  This was becoming a habit.

Our entire trip was joyful but very different than our previous visits.  We had become parents.


Instead of hitting up strip clubs we hit up the Bretagne Bakery at 7am every morning and stayed inside our rental apartment every night.  (Side note: this might be the last photo of Kris wearing glasses.  He had lasik eye surgery while we were there.)  Times had changed but Montreal hadn’t.  I was still drawn to her street art and gritty city-ness.

Erica and Sebastien hosted a gorgeous wedding and I’m so happy they asked us to witness and share in the celebration.  I am particularly grateful to Erica who, some three years later, would tell Kris about a position in her company’s Montreal office for which he’d be highly suited.

Becoming Montreal, the final installment, coming soon.


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