That House that Farrah Star Built

The Temple is for sale.  Long live the Temple!  You know about her from Temple Techbuilt, which I closed the day I learned we’d be leaving Madison.  Here she is in her professional attire (realtor pics):


If you’d like to see the rest of the house, check out our listing:

I put my heart and soul into this house by way of wallpaper and paint.  That master bedroom (above) used to be bright orange.


Would I have hung purple polka-dotted wallpaper on the ceiling had I known we’d be selling in 2.5 years?  No.  Neither would I have hung pink peacock feather wallpaper in Farrah’s room.

Farrah's Room

I made bold choices and I love how our home looks but once our furniture and art are removed I’m afraid a potential buyer might not share my vision.  Cross your fingers we sell, Dear Readers.  I am sad to leave Madison and sad to leave this house.  I can be very rah! rah! a new adventure! but the truth is we are leaving far sooner than we ever thought we would, if we ever left at all.  Look at my house.  Absolutely nothing about it says temporary.

Family Trees  Blue Painter's Tape

Farrah Star was born in this house, right there in the master bathroom.  That’s where I needed to be, thrashing about, climbing the wall and vomiting.  When I was about to birth Farrah, my body moved from kneeling to standing and if that’s not a metaphor for motherhood, I don’t know what it is.


When I think about leaving this house, the house that Farrah Star built, I don’t think about ripping out one of those master bath wall tiles and turning it into a keychain.  I will not place a scoopful of dirt from the back yard into a mason jar.  I will leave the extra key for the new owners.  I will let it go and simply hang on to what I know is true, something I’ve learned over the years of leaving homes too soon and from watching “Ghost” 162 times in the early 1990s:

I’m taking it with me.







4 thoughts on “That House that Farrah Star Built

  1. If that is not the most lovey homage I’ve heard to a home, I’m not sure what is. You are taking it with you. Your family will be missed around here very much, Lisa. Bon voyage! With love from the extended Taapken fam, Jessica


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