MMM: Top Ten Madison Places I’ll Miss

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo farewell from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin
This is my final MMM post as we move to Montreal on Friday.  Thank you Madison.

Top Ten Madison Places I’ll Miss

Owen Park

My beautiful, wild, hawk-filled backyard.


Preschool of the Arts

Like a knife to the heart is the leaving of Arlo’s preschool.  The drop-off and pick-up lingering is a blessed union of souls. The handing over of my beloved firstborn into the bosom of his teachers and sticky fingers of his classmates has been a balm.  The never-ending adoration and fascination of my baby girl has allowed me to see her as others see her and that has truly been a gift.  I love preschool.

The Camera Company

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite store in Madison (you make the list too Whole Foods, simmer down).  I have had many photos and books printed at different labs and nothing compares to the quality and care of The Camera Company.  I decided to frame a few nature photos for Farrah’s new room.  This is meaningful to me (and hopefully her) because we discovered these creatures together on our many Madison walks.

The Camera Company

They are stunning and it fills me with pride to hang them in my child’s room.  The people at The Camera Store care about your work.  They also care about your kids, providing a pimped-out train table to keep them happy and occupied.  Oh, you have toys for my children?  Here.  Take ALL my money.

Whole Foods

Farrah and I are at Whole Foods twice a week.  The deli man is in love with my daughter.  The quality and variety of their products cannot be matched.  The staff members help load my groceries in my car.  It is my mom-and-pop shop and I love it.


A place that gives as good as it receives.  Remember Hitler’s Daughter and the Jabba the Hut Nativity Scene?


Pheasant Branch

I spent a lot of time at this park, most memorably to stalk an owl, but we went here a lot as a family too.  I hope to find a go-to park in Montreal as nice as Pheasant Branch.  Did that fall flat?  That reads flat.  No offense Montreal.

Sauk Prairie

A surprise entry but Kris and I agree that seeing the bald eagles was a defining moment of our time in Wisconsin.


My House

You know all about my house.  Enough about my house already.  Goodbye house.

The Capitol

Another surprise entry but hell yeah!  Wisconsin’s capitol building is beautiful and iconic and an indoor winter playground.  Much respect.

Madison Capitol

Steph’s House


This is the place in Madison which I will miss the most because it houses the person in Madison I will miss the most.  No, not the cheeky baby – she’s coming with me – the leggy blonde in the back changing a diaper.  I love you Steph.




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