Goodnight Madison

Goodnight Madison*

Goodnight sandbox, goodnight trees
Goodnight lefty hippie lean
Goodnight hot tub, goodnight beer
Goodnight neighborhood street corner cheer

Goodnight Madison
Goodnight Madison Goodnight Madison

Goodnight Mendota and Monona shores
Goodnight fancy-pants vinegar store.
Goodnight Marla
and Goodnight Zane.
Goodnight Steph.  Go to sleep, Same Brain.
Goodnight preschool and music and art and goodnight Arlo, you’ve had the best start.
Goodnight heron and cardinal and owl and goodnight coyotes with your lullaby howl.
Goodnight bicycle, whee-hoo and car and goodnight from your birthplace, Miss Farrah Star.
Goodnight community like no other, now go say your prayers and Listen To Your Mother.

Goodnight Madison Goodnight Madison

Goodnight stuff and goodnight things
Goodnight lawnmower we no longer need.
Goodnight boxes and goodnight tape
Goodnight good feelings which will never escape.


( *with apologies to Margaret Wise Brown)

These photos were all taken the last few days in Madison which were a blur not of moving but of love and goodwill.  So many people either wished us bon voyage or helped us in ways too various to list, but I’ll try: meals delivered, bedrooms vacated for naps, homeopathy for smoother travels, and parties, parties, parties.  On behalf of Kris, Arlo and Farrah, thank you so much to Steph, Seth, Nida, Nola, Brad, Jenny, Kay, Pat, Ellie, Jack, Kelly, Heather, Allison and Steph – just to name a few.  It is very hard to envision a life away from Madison and it is all because of you and your good hearts and deeds.

Bon Voyage My Friends.  Montreal awaits …



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