The Best Things I Saw All Week

I have been in Montreal for nine days and have witnessed no fewer than four couples making out in the streets.  This couple wasn’t one of them but you just know it was coming.

short shorts

From a random pile of notes I found at a restaurant, “PSS”:


This corner off Rue Marie-Anne has a striking mural but what’s really great is the seating –  those chair legs are cemented into the sidewalk.  What a joyful corner!


Fancy Fidel?  The Most Interesting Musketeer in the World?  Yo Mama?

fancy fidel

The one on top is much happier than the one on bottom.  The one on bottom knows it’s not bamboo.


Left a bag of trash on the back steps.  After he finished this pretzel stick he fluffed up his tail, tapped on my window and asked for a beer.

preztel stick

“Urban Playpen”


Have a great weekend Good People!  You make me happy with your reading.





4 thoughts on “The Best Things I Saw All Week

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