MMM: The People of Square St. Louis

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal.

Square St. Louis is just up the street, round the corner and over a couple of blocks.  I don’t know directions yet.  I only know the location of Arlo’s preschool and that one house that has the iron gate Farrah Star needs to open and close 42 times every morning.  The Square is close, I can tell you that much, and also very much alive these glorious summer evenings.

I was drawn to this human lightning bug and her canine guardian.

St. Louis

I kept inching closer, squeezing off the most unobtrusive shutter I could manage but all the while feeling ridiculous.  So I just took a deep breath, approached and asked if I could take her picture.  I did my best to mime how nicely her screen lit up her face and she obliged my nonsense.

St. Louis St. Louis

(Above image entered in iheartfaces Best Face of 2014 photo challenge.)

There’s a large fountain in the center of the square with a chocolate surprise inside:

St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis

St. Louis

Arlo watched this dog and thought it signaled a green light for him to get in (“It looks like a pool!”).  Then he felt the water and was immediately brought back to his Bermuda roots.  I pulled out the Cuppi* instead and that kept us busy until dinner time.

St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis

St. Louis

The park spills out on to Rue Prince-Aurthur which is closed off to cars, making for an easy stroll or terrace supper.

St. Louis

You just don’t want to be Tom Hanks there.

St. Louis

Our National Treasure, debased.

Speaking of National Treasures …

St. Louis St. Louis

This guy, his scissors and cigarette.  Yes, I’m going to back to work once Farrah Star starts school.

Thumbs up.

St. Louis

*Cuppi is the ultimate on-the-go toy.  It works in water, sand, bark chips, gravel, organic grapes in the produce aisle – every place you go with your young children. Get it. Gift it. Then sit for a minute and pat yourself on the back.

This post is not sponsored but it could be.  Oh yes, it could be.


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