Two Weeks In Our Bedrooms

We are two weeks in Montreal – two weeks of unpacking, furnishing, organizing and decorating.  I’ll show you what I’ve accomplished and tell you what works, what doesn’t work and how much it cost.

Master Bedroom


What Works:

  • It’s a very spacious and bright room and our furnishings are kept to a minimum.
  • It looks and feels “adult”.
  • His and Her closets are also big enough to accommodate linens, medicine and much more.
  • The function and beauty of the jericho-chair-and-ottoman island in front of the patio doors is a nice surprise.

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What Doesn’t Work:

  • Since Farrah Star wakes up twice a night I sleep on the side of the bed by the door and this side does not allow for a nightstand.  Still breastfeeding, I drink water throughout the night which I’m forced to store under the bed.  This is gross.  I do not like this.
  • Our apartment is a beautiful, historic flat with very high ceilings and dull, colorless walls.  It is in my nature to cover walls but that’s never going to happen here because we rent.  The two portraits of the kids look like floating heads.  I hung them high so they wouldn’t be knocked off when exiting that side of the bed but they look weird.  I will be moving them just on top of the headboard and let that wall be a tall, monochromatic plane, though it may very well kill me.
  • I miss my laundry chute.  Now we’re back in a hamper.  Why is my dirty laundry out for the world to see?  AND taking up precious floor space.
  • I don’t understand the patio off this room.  It is six feet away from the neighbors’ ashtray/back stairwell.  I can’t imagine a scenario in which we’d lounge out there but it does function nicely for the kids.

Cost:  $20 on 3M Command Strips and a laundry hamper

Arlo’s Room


What Works:

  • During our 11th hour in Madison I decided to buy Arlo a new loft bed.  Something about him being older, moving to a much smaller room and if I’m being honest, wanting to just treat him to something fun so he’d like Montreal.  The bed works, he loves it.
  • Kris and I are adamant that toys not be in bedrooms but I’ve amended that rule slightly since 1) Arlo is older and knows how to sleep, 2) he should have some space that doesn’t need to be shared with Farrah and 3) I’m trying to encourage independent play.  The space under his loft contains puzzles and his Kindle along with loving notes from his friends Nida and Nola and his art mobile which will be swapped out for French flash cards.  No lights.  No wheels.  No buzzers.
  • The floating headboard I fit and fashioned from my beloved Zimbabwe fabric works.
  • The superfluous blue bookshelf and accent rug brought the whole room together.
  • The giant fish pillow hanging from a hook makes me smile.

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What Doesn’t Work:

  • Nothing anymore except more art/photos that need to be hung.  The rest I’ve fixed by
    • bringing up the blue bookshelf which I decided will hold LEGO projects up high from Farrah’s grasp
    • brought in the accent rug from the bathroom, of all places
    • and hung Kelly’s “Connected” Madison to Montreal map art by his pillow for when he’s thinking about home.

Cost: $120 for the loft bed and bean bags (via craigslist), $40 linens and $5 for hooks

Farrah Star’s Room


 What Works:

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What Doesn’t Work:

  • Too.Much.Light.  There is a streetlight outside that window and a security light outside the other.
  • A new wall decal and beloved wildlife photos left our Madison home but never made it to our Montreal home so decorating stops here.  Hoping against hope that box is sitting in a Montreal warehouse and not in someone else’s and that it will be located and delivered soon.
  • The tree house is Farrah’s one quiet toy to have in her room but 1) she doesn’t have a real interest in it yet and 2) unlike her brother, she has no idea how to sleep.  Still, I’m keeping it in there because it fits the theme so nicely.  Priorities.

Cost:  $60 for the new wall decal and prints I don’t have.

The first furniture I got ready was our beds.  The first bed I got ready was Farrah’s (our only napper).  We are two weeks in our bedrooms and sleeping well as we normally do.

My friend Sue visited this past weekend and said that our apartment looked more home-y in two weeks than hers did in two years.  To that I respond: I am driven to do this, I am highly motivated to get my house beautiful and organized in the same way Sue is motivated to staying fit and exercising.  I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in … uh … no.  We all have our passions and each has value.  At the end of this outpouring/over-sharing/unveiling I’ll share some of my tips on how to get shit done fast.  And when I visit Sue she can take me out for a run.  Just kidding!  I’d break my own leg first.

Thanks for being a nosey parker.  More “Two Weeks In” coming soon!





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