The Best Things I Saw All Week

Jesus/Manson/Ghandi/Heisenberg for your viewing pleasure:


This blue box and the man inside are getting teabagged.  By SATAN.  He doesn’t even realize.


Now for some family-friendly scenes from Parc Nature du Cap Saint Jacques, a Sunday outing organized by Kris and welcomed by all:


From the sweet little farm on site. There were also Mounties inexplicably trotting the premises upon the LARGEST HORSES I HAVE EVER SEEN. I wanted to take a picture but was too frightened.


Can someone explain this to me? Was going to google “yellow red caterpillar teeth back” but again, frightened.



There was a nice little beach with a generous sandbar extending far into the water.  Exploring here was a lot of fun until the Sweet and Salty kettle chips came out.


Our family has discovered Sweet and Salty kettle chips.


There were several people mud-bathing at this beach but none with more enthusiasm than this lady.  She ran right up on some people and scared the crap out of them. I think they knew her but couldn’t be sure due to all the screaming and fleeing.


What “Taking It Too Far” looks like.


Sticks in the Mud

And something from Buzzfeed which made me smile:

Here’s What Happens When Americans Try To Label The Country Of Canada

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.55.58 PM

Have a good one.





3 thoughts on “The Best Things I Saw All Week

    • I knew it was you! (The Internet knows ALL.) But jeez that is sad. I knew it couldn’t be carrying actual teeth but thought maybe eggs? *shudder* Anyway, thanks for the info, I’ll never erase it from my brain.


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