Two Weeks In Our Living Rooms

We are two weeks in Montreal – two weeks of unpacking, furnishing, organizing and decorating.  I’ll show you what I’ve accomplished, tell you what works, what doesn’t and how much it cost.

Play Area

Play Area

What Works:

  • Merely that it exists is enough but …
  • …with the bottom four feet of this space full of toys and a large colorful rug, the giant plain white wall looks and functions beautifully here.

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What Doesn’t Work:

  • The play area IS the main hallway – an errant ball or race car presents both a hazard and a blight upon the floor.  In Madison we just cleaned up at the end of the day but here it’s a constant tuck and toss.  But again – worth it.

Cost:  $50 for Arlo’s new wall tracks

Dining Area

Dining     Dining

What Works:

  • The dining area really popped when Kris suggested putting the table on a diagonal.  The map art is up now too and it all looks good.  The photos though are hideous, sorry.

What Doesn’t Work:

  • The floor.  Directly to the left of the dining table the floor begins a significant slope which means no furniture can be placed there.  This leaves a huge expanse of hardwood floor upon which the table just floats.  I need an anchor in the form of a dining room rug but that seems d-u-m-b with two small kids.  Not sure what to do.  Please send help.
  • The almost-empty shelving unit.  I intended to fill it with all our dishware but that all fits fine in the kitchen.  I suspect wine will take up a couple of cubes but I don’t yet know what else it’s going to “be”.  It cannot be moved so I have to make it work.

Cost: $0.  So far.

Living Area

Living Room

What Works:

  • It’s perfectly nice but I’m not breaking any style barriers here. The tv and media shelving are unfinished (waiting on a part) so once that wall is done I’m sure I’ll feel better about this space.
  • The wicker bucket chairs are perfect in our front window.  Great light, great breeze and great people-watching.  I love having a seating area that doesn’t focus on the tv.  There’s also some nice husband/wife-ry that happens here.

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What Doesn’t Work:

  • This is where the plain walls drive me nuts, especially in the front window which should have a strong impact from the exterior and interior.
  • The framed diplomas next to the bookshelf are nice but dull.  They did not deserve to be so prominent (they used to be in the office in our Madison house) so I replaced them with my folded books which always garner a lot of attention.

_MG_2109   _MG_2111

If you’d like to know how to make these, first you’ll need a lot of cocaine and then a 2002 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.  (Look! Now it’s also become a great conversation piece!)

Cost:  $200 for used media shelving which is not pictured and $40 for a new tv mount which we don’t have yet.

The apartment is really lovely but it has the potential to be exceptional.  My god, what I could create with shelving, wall treatments, window treatments …. wait.  I need a cigarette.  This is my renter’s lament.  OMG.  Renters Lament shall be the title of my new design blog!  Garcon!  Another cigarette!

At the end of the day I know how to add dimension to this space but I don’t want to do it – incorporate plants.  I know they would go a long way for a little price but 1) I have cats, 2) I have kids and 3) I am the kind of person who would feel compelled to dust and then rub mayonaise on every leaf.  And then I ask you who, just who exactly, would write this blog?

Thanks for being a nosey parker.  Two Weeks In Our Kitchen and Tips for Getting It Done next time.





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