I just finished binge-watching Community and now I don’t know where I am or what I should be doing.


Right after I moved from New York to San Francisco, a college friend and her husband came to visit.  They themselves had just moved from Michigan to Ohio.  When I knew Meg in college she was wild, WILD – trips to the ER wild – but when she met her husband, a very religious man, she adopted his lifestyle.  Seeing her in San Francisco was a balm because she radiated contentment.  Meg admitted this had everything to do with her husband and their church community.  When they moved, she recounted, their church from Michigan contacted their new church in Ohio and set up a welcome committee.  Complete strangers moved their furniture and fed them meals the day they arrived.  But they weren’t strangers were they?  Having just moved myself and feeling very lonely, Meg’s story stuck with me.

When Kris and I left New York for Connecticut’s greener pastures, I researched the Quakers.  After watching Six Feet Under, I was convinced these were my people.  But before I knew it I was in Bermuda, waiting for Arlo, and when he came I was born into the Ex-Pat-Stay-At-Home-Mothers community and it was good.  I still miss it.

There is a loneliness that comes with being a stay-at-home-parent who moves around so much.

Abed 2

I look forward to finding and contributing to a community here in Montreal.  I’ve been told to get in and make friends by Halloween because after that people stay indoors.  Church?  SAHMs?  Bloggers?  Photographers?  The search is on and I will find my place.


Ahbed 3


Turns out Laura and I had the same thought but on different days, so this week’s PolarRico Parallelogram comes united in spirit but divided in timing.  Check out Laura’s search for Community here.



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