Two Weeks In Our Kitchen and How I Got It Done

We are were two weeks in Montreal – two weeks of unpacking, furnishing, organizing and decorating.  I’ll show you what I’ve accomplished and tell you what works, what doesn’t work and how much it cost.



What Works:

  • I have an art gallery in my kitchen.  Nothing has ever worked so beautifully in the history of workingness.

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  • My other piece of art also hangs here. (cordless Dyson vacuum)


What Doesn’t Work:

  • This is at least the second rental we’ve lived in with these IKEA glass front cabinets.


Oh, these tedious glass rectangles with their tiny panes and the time devoted to cleaning them.  And are they hanging right next to the stove?  Brilliant.  What is the point of glass-covered cabinets?  If it is to showcase my stunning flatware then why cover it at all?  If it is to protect my dishes from dirt and dust  — my dishes don’t get dusty.  I use them.  I do not have “show” dishes.  Please stop with glass covered cabinets in kitchens and just give me appropriately positioned open shelving.

  • Another note – start designing for small children or stop calling us helicopter parents.  My kids can get their own snacks IF THERE WAS OPEN SHELVING AT THEIR HEIGHT.  We had that in Madison and it was great for independence.  Here we have a bottom fridge which means they could finally get their own drinks IF ONLY WE HAD A LOW SHELF IN WHICH TO STORE THEIR CUPS.  Kitchens, especially small kitchens, have to become a lot smarter.

Cost:  $0

Finally, here are some edicts that allow me to get stuff done fast:

  1. Own Necessary Things
    have to unpack and organize them.
  2. Own Meaningful Things
    want to unpack and display them.
  3. Get Rid of All Other Things.
  4. Plan Ahead
    I create floor plans with my big pieces in position.  You need to know where that 200lb bookshelf is going before it gets there.
    IMG_0386 IMG_0389 IMG_0391
  5. Touch it Once
    By following #1, 2 and 3, I have an idea where everything will be placed or stored in my new home.  For even the smallest item I try to only touch it once.  I do not place it on the counter then move it to the floor then shove it in a corner until I can find a place for it later.  Determine its proper place and commit.
  6. Be Prepared to Touch it Again Anyway
    I’m about to embark on Kitchen Cabinets v3.0 because their flow is unsatisfying and function handicapped.  It’s like Musical Canned Tuna up in there but this is what it takes to get it right.  Stupid cooking.  Why can’t we just sit in vintage 1976 yellow vinyl chairs and look at art?

That’s about it.  Still waiting on the $2 dollar parts for our tv mount but otherwise, looking and working like a real home.  Thank you for following along.


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