The Best Things I Saw All Week

Murals, Murals, Murals.   They are abundant here in the Plateau and I cannot keep my camera off of them.

Yolo Chikz



All from the same alley:

Page 1




Different alley, same neighborhood – a critic:


This sandwich board in front of Cafe Plume made me laugh (ref : Rapper Gucci Mane’s face tattoo).


French meets English, nicely.


This mural took my breath away:


And photographing this mural nearly got me run over:


Worth it.

The best thing I saw all week however was this:


This piece is high on a building off Square St. Louis.  Is this Banksy?  The ears tell me yes but googling “unicorn banksy” and “unicorn flasher” and “unicorn boob” tell me no.  It also tells me a lot of other things.  Weird things.  Internet things.

Goddamnit Montreal.  You are so cool.

Happy Weekend.  We’re probably off for apple-picking, fall-foliage-gazing, playground-romping and grocery-shopping but it will be you, Vigilante Unicorn Goddess that I’ll be dreaming about.






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