Charles and Éléonore

When your child is lost in a new city and longing for friendship you will do anything to build bridges.  When his loneliness reaches a fever pitch you will even bust out a paper and pen.



You will address and deliver that friendship plea to the one place where you thought it might be answered.


I couldn’t get that fort or the boy who built it out of my mind.  What would it take to just write a note to a stranger and ask for some help, some kindness, some time?  What if it worked?

IMG_0926 IMG_0933

Meet Charles and Éléonore.  Friends to Arlo and Farrah Star and help to me.  My note was received with kindness and friendship and now Charles and Éléonore come over after school every Friday.  (Sometimes Farrah stays and plays and sometimes she velcros her wee body back on my giant leg.  We’re working on it.)  At least once a week Farrah and I also visit France, Charles and Éléonore’s mother, at the cafe where she works and sometimes we all go over to their house for cafe au lait and marble runs.  France and Pierre’s older daughter (they have seven children) will likely give my kids swimming lessons and do some out-of-the-house babysitting if we get to that point – when we get to that point I mean.  Theirs is a family large and generous and I hope our acquaintance is long; long enough to see that fort become a skyscraper.


Here’s to new friends and taking chances!





3 thoughts on “Charles and Éléonore

  1. WOW! What a wonderful thing you have done! My hat off to you, brilliant. Wishing you all many years of friendship. Really, this is fantastic.


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