How I Lost Six Pounds in Thirty Days

I have the best weight loss tip for you.

It’s not moving your family to another country.

It’s not unpacking and decorating your new home.

It’s not breastfeeding your 18-month-old.

It’s not eating at least two sleeves of Pimms on the daily.


It’s not biking back and forth to preschool and walking everywhere else because you’re too scared to drive.

It’s not worrying about your firstborn.

It is none of those things.

It is this:

I have lost six pounds in thirty days by not owning a garbage disposal.

It doesn’t matter how clean you think you are there’s always something lingering for fruit flies to enjoy.  They will congregate and procreate and they will feed, feed, feed upon everything you yourself would like to eat.

I shall be waif by spring.


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