MMM: Field of Possibilities

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

It’s good sometimes to go until there’s no where left to go.  This is how I discovered Champs des Possibles one cloudy morning; by biking to the very end of Avenue Henri Julien.


“Le Champ des Possibles (Field of Possibilities) is a former industrial site of approximately one hectare located the Mile End.  Friends of the Champ des Possibles (Field of Possibilities) is a group of local citizens who have worked to preserve the site as a community green space and a habitat for biodiversity.

In April 2013, an innovative agreement was struck between the borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal and the Friends of the Champ des Possibles. This agreement authorizes Friends of le Champ to manage activities and programs in the field in partnership with the borough.” – Facebook

I didn’t know all that at the time.  I didn’t know what I was looking at when I parked my bike.  Was this a park or a vacant lot?  There was no playground or benches or even garbage cans but there was a structure.


There were hints of intention here and there




but I felt an unwavering uneasiness as I combed the area for bodies photographic opportunities. What was going on here?  What was this place supposed to be?


Would I bring my kids here (my every litmus test)?  There were people walking through this place –  clearly on the way to another place, a shortcut of sorts – but they seemed more comfortable than I.  Is this not a place for lingering, for playing?  What do I do in a place like this?

Possibilities  Ah.  Yes.  I can see that.

I am now following Les Amis on Facebook, curious of their plans, but I don’t know that I’ll be rushing back to the Field of Possibilities.  Possibly.  My kids would get a kick out of climbing and jumping off that platform as well as checking out the train tracks nearby but again, that uneasiness.  I like that I found the place though, just by going until I couldn’t go anymore.






Montreal never disappoints.

Happy Monday Explorers.


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