Camouflage No More

Thanks for your readership last week when I had the privilege of interviewing fellow Veterans.  I’m glad you enjoyed their stories as much as I enjoyed sharing them.

It seems appropriate, though in a much more light-hearted post, to share the outcome of updating my Army jacket.  More than a year ago while still living in Madison, I posted an ad on Craigslist‘s Creative Gigs section for help adorning my GI cold-weather jacket:

Italy 023

I wanted something unique and feminine atop the invisibility of my old camouflage but sadly I didn’t get any takers.  On the eve of our move to Madison – and I mean 11 days before the truck came – I hit the panic button and walked in to EmbroiderMe, a shop I had spied months earlier, with my jacket and some designs from Etsy.  I just wanted something done before I moved to a place where I knew nothing.



This guy was so helpful and patient that I am embarrassed I didn’t write down his name.  He embroidered two bird details around the collar and a large piece on the back in six days.  This is a rave about EmbroiderMe in Madison, Wisconsin.  Call them, visit them, hire them.


I knew that I wanted much more done to my jacket however, so after arriving in Montreal I stepped into a fabric store and found a small patch that read “STAR”.  I bought it on a whim but it spurred me to repost my ad on Montreal’s Craigslist.  I had much more success this time and after meeting in the convenience of my home with Farrah Star velcro’d to my lap, I hired Costumer and Milliner Colin Campbell for the project.




Pics by Colin Campbell

We collaborated twice in person as well as via Facebook on color, pattern and notions but ultimately, expectedly, Colin drove this creation.  What a pleasure it is to work with a local, professional artist.  He gave me what I asked of him; something feminine and unique that was baby-wearing friendly and warm.  To go even further, Colin created for me a family heirloom; a soldier’s uniform kissed by her daughter’s name.  That’s style.

Montreal 023 (1)


Thank you Colin.  I love it!


Find Colin here: Colin Campbell, Chapelier and on his Facebook page.


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