A Case for Artificial

I dread decorating the tree every Christmas so this year, naturally, I bought two; one for the kids and one for the living room.  I’m the only one who decorates, I’m just not good at it and I resent how much time it takes.  Let’s get two!

Fa la la la la!

I could not let go of the image of my kids falling asleep and waking up to a Christmas tree.  That vision coupled with a steam train I bought last year specifically to go around a someday-kids’-only-tree and I just had to make it happen.


Worth it.  The whole scene is out of a storybook and I long for those kind of memories to be painted in my kids’ minds.

I myself have a deep imprint of my Grandmother’s white, aluminum Christmas tree in her living room.  Something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.56.26 AM

Click pic for source

Because of this potent memory, all of my Christmas decorations are artificial; sparkle, sequins, pinks, blues and plenty of iridescence.  Yet because of another potent memory, they all adorn a real tree.  I grew up with a fake, green tree – just plastic masking as a tree – and I always wanted a real one.  So here I am, stuck in the middle with you:



It’s so goddamned beautiful but if one of those white aluminum numbers pops up on craiglist, we’re going artificial next year.  Just like my boobs.  Are you there Santa?  It’s me, Lisa.



3 thoughts on “A Case for Artificial

  1. Funny how we always want what we haven’t got.
    We’ve been using artificial for almost 20 years, and yet every year I keep saying that next year we’ll get a real tree.
    We’re putting ours up this weekend so it’s getting close to decision time.


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