MMM: Burlington, We Hardly Knew You

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

We’re crossing the border for one last MMM of 2014: Hello Burlington, Vermont!  We went not for Ben and Jerry’s but to request changes to our passports and work permits through Immigration.


Burlington Graffiti.

Vermont meant the US and the US meant Amazon so we also went for the shipping/shopping. We consumed. Oh how we consumed.

Turns out Amazon was a good call because for the next 48 hours my family looked like this:

Burlington Burlington Burlington

Arlo left Momtreal with a cough but holy crap did Kris fall shortly thereafter and he went down hard.  He usually lets illness roll off his back but with nowhere to go (meaning his office) he just had to endure.  Arlo’s health had also plummeted at this point and Farrah Star followed close behind.  Everyone needed to rest but we made the grave error of renting a studio apartment for this excursion.  Kris coughed.  Farrah woke.  Farrah cried.  Arlo woke.  Arlo coughed.  Kris woke.  I don’t remember sleeping at all; I only remember breastfeeding around the clock and the starvation that followed.  Had we not the necessary appointments with Immigration we most definitely would have returned home.

Here’s what we saw when I dragged everyone out for fresh air one evening:


Northern Comfort


Night Lines





Burlington, we hardly knew you.  But we’ll be back soon, intact foreskin and all.

Happy Monday Explorers.


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