Portraits of Parenthood

I know a mother who carried her three-year-old daughter an entire mile on a trail hike because they didn’t sleep together the night before and “she needed the physical closeness”.  This mother, my friend and one of my role models, did not lament her position, instead she made dinosaur sounds and blew raspberries against her daughter’s neck the entire walk.

Daughter 021

I know a mother whose son would not speak to anyone but through her and I have watched her ask for a train, ask for a turn, ask for a drink – ask for a million things that she did not need – all with a patience and love that made her son whole and heard.


I know a mother who teaches her two daughters how to sew, cook, knit, draw, tend chickens in the backyard and write thank-you notes and when she is not doing these things she works as a NICU Pediatric Nurse.  She models motherhood and womanhood and character like none other and I miss her for many reasons but especially for the living example she provided to my own children.


I know a mother who runs from grocery store to grocery store in order to find the correct and only size and type of pasta her son will eat.  She does it with grace and humor and without apology.  She is my friend and teacher.


I know a mother who is a double mother;  a single mother of two children.  I know her well, this mother, and she is happy and satisfied in a way that eludes those of us with every available resource.  Everything she does she does from a place of generosity and sincerity – not necessity.  No one is filling her well and I don’t know how she does it so I tell her that, as often as I can.


Happy New Year Mothers and Fathers and Children and Readers.  You sustain me and inspire me every day.  Thank you.


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