Top 10 Location Photos of 2014

Keeping it light and easy at the year-end, this is the BPS Top Ten.

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!”
– Dr. Seuss
Door County

“Spring”, Door County, Wisconsin


“Lakeside”, Bayfield, Wisconsin


“Solo Burrito”, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Montreal from Mt. Royal

Montreal from Mt. Royal Park


“Red” in Owen Conservancy, Madison, Wisconsin


“Monochrome” in Sauk Prairie, Wisconsin


“Geometro” in Sherbrooke Metro Station, Montreal, Quebec

Empty Nest

“Winter’s Rainbow” in Owen Conservancy, Madison, Wisconsin


“Wrong Turn”, Cross Plains, Wisconsin

Montreal Deluge

“Deluge” over Montreal, Quebec

Landscape photography is not my bag as I’m not very good at it and feel that, unlike a portrait of your child, it has to be spectacular to be interesting.  That’s why nearly all my attempts are just variations on this:

Door County

Moving and then blogging about moving and really just blogging in general made me rethink landscape photography – there’s more to talk and write about than those who inhabit my womb and house.  My pictures might not be spectacular but they are a solid effort from a novice who’s eager to broaden her view.  I like “Winter’s Rainbow” as it perfectly captured the feeling of that day (click photo for story) but I’d say I’m equally proud of each one.  Evenly.  Broadly.

Thanks for looking.  Enjoy the view!

All photos shot with my Canon 7D and edited in Aperture.


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