The Best Things I Saw All Week


  •   So, I’ve reached this phase of parenthood:
  • She had both the option to ride in the shopping cart or walk and hold my hand. She chose lying prostrate on the floor.

“How do you feel about feminine hygiene products’ portrayal in the media?”
“This blue liquid in place of red really has to stop. It lends itself to making menstrual blood a spectacle and a horrifying & gruesome secret. Let’s just be cool about it. Let’s all get the fuck over the fact that some people have periods.”

  • Also shared by 4th: This is what a miscarriage looks like.
  • I didn’t need 30 amazing photos to feel this feeling but I sure enjoyed them.
  • This is a photographer I am following and this is my favorite post.  You should follow him too.  His blog title!
  • This guy made me (and “Mom of the Year”) laugh and laugh and laugh:

IMG_3022 IMG_3023 IMG_3024

  • Finally, the best picture I took all week:


Have a good weekend, Good People.  Keep it clean.


2 thoughts on “The Best Things I Saw All Week

  1. Floor tantrums. Fun. Perhaps we adults could get over our “stuff” quicker if we just rolled around on the shop floor for a couple of seconds, dusted off and carried on. :) Nice to know other parents can also just giggle at their toddlers.


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